Yak-52 type aircraft

Overhaul and modernization of Yak-52 aircraft

Air-to-air guided missiles R-60 and R-73

Air-to-air guided missiles R-60 and R-73

"Mi" type helicopters (modifications Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24)

"Mi" type helicopters (modifications Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24)

MiG-21 fighter jet

(Modifications MiG-21U, MiG-21U, MiG-21UM)

Su-25 type fighter plane

(Modifications SU-25K, SU-25UB, SU-25KM)

Technical capabilities

With the existing production capabilities and highly qualified and experienced engineering and technical staff at TAM, it is possible to design, develop and manufacture details and components of aircraft of various configurations and complexity. “Tam” has:

  • highly qualified workforce and highly organized production processes;
  • significant achievements in the field of aircraft construction;
  • effective organization;
  • great experience;
  • Appropriate technological resources and skills.

Production and work processes of “TAM” are distributed in relevant functional enterprises and services. these are:

  • metallurgical enterprise;
  • sheet metal processing enterprise;
  • Manufacturing and printing industry;
  • Mechanical processing industry special. Enterprise of goods;
  • assembly and repair enterprise;
  • galvanic coating enterprise;
  • flight test enterprise;
  • Enterprise of special equipment and tools;
  • construction bureau;
  • Enterprise for the production of composite materials;
  • laboratories
  • Quality control services.

The unique infrastructure of the enterprise and diverse material and technical base provide an opportunity to manufacture military and civilian products of various purposes and technical complexity. One of the most important guarantees of the success of “Tam” is the highly qualified engineering and technical staff and workforce employed in the enterprise. TAM’s technologies include:

  • modern machines needed for mechanical processing (5-coordinate drawing and milling software tools);
  • manufacturing of titanium constructions;
  • casting of steel, aluminum and iron alloys;
  • forging of steel and aluminum alloys;
  • stamping of aluminum alloys;
  • cold engraving of details;
  • riveting of different types of constructions;
  • welding of various types of steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum alloys;
  • gluing various details;
  • production of rubber and plastic parts by different methods;
  • Production of composite materials: gluing-strengthening by wet method, strengthening by carbon prepreg, forming by vacuum method, drying chamber;
  • Making details from fiberglass;
  • Thermal treatment of aluminum alloys, structural and anti-corrosion alloys, chemical and chemical-thermal processes;
  • All types of surface covering;
  • non-spill type control;
  • Final assembly of the aircraft.

All the above mentioned operations are carried out by highly qualified workers and engineers. Today, 1500 people are employed in the enterprise.

There is a strong design and engineering bureau in TAM, which provides not only modernization of existing products and technical support, but also constantly works on creating new products and launching them into serial production. Designers use the following design programs: CAD/CAM/CAE design process, CATIA v5, Nastran, Patran and other modern programs.

“Tam” is constantly updating its production facilities with new modern machinery. For this purpose, in the last two years, the enterprise has acquired 5-coordinate software engraving and milling machines. “Tam” also continuously modernizes the existing machinery. The enterprise operates modern water pressure cutting machines, which are used for cutting, forming, engraving and drilling steel and other metals.

Today, the enterprise has all the capabilities to acquire, manufacture and launch new products and details into mass production.

Production Capacity

Mechanical processing

For the purpose of mechanical processing, the enterprise has various types of modern machinery used for the following operations:

Processing of details on software control tools.


Software machine tool DMC103V – dimensions 1000x600x400; This machine tool allows to produce details with high precision and smooth surface treatment.

Grooving operations on software-controlled machine tools. It is possible to make details up to 7600x1800x800.


(Programmed milling and turning 5-coordinate machine tools equipped with tool management software; Programmable milling 5-coordinate machine tools DMG DMU70 evolinear also equipped with tool management software).

Lathe operations on vertical lathe software control machine with dimensions diameter up to 3200 mm, height up to 1000 mm.
Internal and external single and multi-joint cleaning of various cylindrical and conical corners with the Salles machine tool 5К822В
Engraving operations on a software control machine with dimensions up to ф1200 and length up to 6000.


The diameter of the square is 2-95 mm, the size of the metric square is 0.25-12, the thread of the square is 1′ 28 – 4.5′, the maximum length of the square is 270 mm.

Deep drilling operations: It is possible to manufacture cylinders with a diameter of 200 mm and a length of 2000 mm.

Production of products and prints

Cold embossing of sheet material with mechanical and hydraulic presses and falling iron:

Contour blending

Contour processing is done through water cutting (Water Jet Nano-Jet, 5 coordinates, CNC and Water Jet 2000X5000 mm CNC, 3 coordinates) and plasma cutting (Plasma Jet PP260A, CNC) machines; 2000х5000 thickness up to 0.5200 mm.

Press “erfurtze” 800х1000, h~220 mm, up to S-3 mm

Press “K350A” 1400х2500, h~160 mm, S-3 mm.

Processing of details of different complexity with a sliding wheel. Dimensions – 1250х1250, S- 3 mm
In order to process sheet material, the enterprise uses various machines, such as cutting plates (SHEAR CNC HVR 3100X6MM) and sheet-milling machines POWER-BEND 3100X200 L -3000 mm, S-10 mm
Siempelkamp”- 650х1600х3 h~150 mm
“Коломна” – 650х2600х3 h~100 mm

Manufacturing of pipelines and hoses

Various types of pipes and hoses are manufactured at the enterprise for aircraft and helicopter systems. these are:

fuel system
Lubrication system
oxygen system
pneumatic system
hydraulic system
Air conditioning system


The following materials are used in the production of pipelines: АМГ2М, 12Х18Н10Т, М2М, М3М.

Bending of pipes and hoses is done both manually and with a pipe bending machine (5000 JUTEC) from 6 mm to 50 mm, length up to 4500 mm.

When manually bending aluminum pipes, the method of filling with silt and heating with gas is used

Bending of stainless steel pipes up to 10 mm in diameter is done using a Bowden device, and in the case of diameters over 10 mm, nitrate fen liquid is used.

Pipes made of any material with a diameter of 6 mm to 50 mm are bent using a pipe saw.

Pipes are tested under pressure conditions up to 15 atmospheres

Thermal treatment


Thermal treatment

Dispersion hardening СШ3 oven Ф400-1800, 1300X800
Burning СНО oven 1500x800x400
Heating СНО oven 1300×800
delay СШ3 oven Ф1050X350
Steel carbonization СНО furnace 1100×650




Sulfuric acid tank 1400×600
AL Conversion Cover Tank 1400×600
Solid anodizing tank 1000×400
Plating tank 1500×600
Nickel plating tank 1000×700
Cu coating tank 400×400
Mocadium tank 1000×600
Zn coating tank 1000×700
Ag coverage tank 300×200
Stainless steel passivation tank 100×500


The enterprise also has conveyor-type automatic painting machines.


Melting and forming of metals

Melting, casting

Aluminum oven 250 kg
Iron stove IST 0.4 230 kg
hot forming

Aluminum and iron alloys oven 400X600—-20 kg
Vacuum casting furnace VS1000 Al- 3 kg; Cu- 10 kg


Using different types of welding

The enterprise has modern welding equipment and qualified welders, which ensures high quality and reliability of welding. With the available resources, it is possible to weld carbon, stainless and refractory steel, as well as aluminum, magnesium, titanium and copper alloys. Welding thickness from 0.8 mm to 20 mm.

MIGKempact 2530300A
ХМС 400300A
Thyrinetal 200300A
Dinasty 300DX300A
MMAMarc -500500А
arc weldingМТН 1001 ухл4600А


composite materials

The plant manufactures various parts from carbon fiber composite plastic/fiberglass materials using cellular filler.

wet grinding
Dispersion of carbon with “pregreg”.
Forming by vacuum method
Curing with a drying chamber



Making details with fiberglass material.
Caracas production from composite materials.

Production of composite materials furnace 8000X1800X1800, 2500C






Manufacture of rubber products

Press 212 tons, range 580×580 mm

Press 260 tons, range 780×780 mm

Press 400 tons, range 580×580 mm

Production of rubber fuel tanks for Su-25UB, MiG-21 and MiG-21U aircraft using autoclave


Production of rubber products press 212 tons—580X580

260 tons—780X780

400 tons—580X580
Production of rubber fuel tanks Autoclave fuel tanks of Su-25UB, MiG-21 and MiG-21UM aircraft


Production of plasma parts


Production of plasma parts Kyas-105 thermoplastic machine 60 gr


(After purchasing a new device, it will be possible to make details of greater weight)


Production of special equipment and tools

Enterprises of special equipment and tools prepare the following types of special. Tools and equipment:

Cutting tools: routers, planers, external and internal miters, engraving cutters and knives, woodworking machine tools.

All kinds of equipment, press forms for rubber and plasma materials, various hydraulic and pneumatic devices.


Control and measuring instruments

Coordinate measuring tool ТЕСИС IMS Premier 10.15.10 Workbench size: 1500x1000x1000

Foundry master spectrometer

Detail Profile Control Tool ProfiloProjector – Optical Projector Starrett HE400Mk3.